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Will I Always Feel This Way? || Book Announcement

I Love Jesus, But I Want to Die.

That was the book in my hands. The book I found on the internet, added to my shopping cart, and selected “buy now.” A book which perfectly described the season of life I found myself surviving in. It was no secret my depression had come back. Thoughts of suicide and self-harm were running rampant throughout my mind.

“A pastor isn’t supposed to feel this way,” I told myself. Yet, this pastor did feel that way. This pastor has spent over a decade feeling that way. But the question I found myself asking more recently felt heavier than anything I had the energy to carry. A question perhaps, you have asked yourself: Will I always feel this way?

Excerpt from Will I Always Feel This Way?


I am so excited to announce that my new book, Will I Always Feel This Way, will release in May for mental health awareness month! This book is jam packed with vulnerable stories and accompanied with next steps and reflection questions for people to process.

Covering topics such as suicide, anxiety, depression, self-harm, loneliness, and more, Will I Always Feel This Way, will give you the tools to continue fighting the good fight, one day at a time.

Chapter Content:


Chapter 1: I Am Weary

Chapter 2: Under the Broom Tree

Chapter 3: You Need Friends

Chapter 4: Tearing Nets and Slaying Giants

Chapter 5: The Garden of Grief

Chapter 6: Father to the Fatherless

Chapter 7: Hopelessness Relapse

Chapter 8: God May Not Heal You

Chapter 9: Take Heart!

Chapter 10: Just Quit

Chapter 11: Such A Time As This

Conclusion: Feed My Sheep

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