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There Are No Words || Poem

There are no words to describe a loss like this

It’s as if my heart keeps breaking again, and again, and again

You’re sweet and loving presence will forever be missed,

Still I sit here frozen like ice

God you’re close to the broken-hearted, well here I lie

Will I ever feel hope the same?

How can a good God let the young die?

I wish I knew the answer

My heart was not designed to carry this much grief

It’s burning with pain each broken breath

I’m screaming out that it should’ve been me!

Unfortunately, God doesn’t work that way

Your hugs and fist bumps never ran short

You always cared deeply for others

My heart is shattered, hear my cries Lord

I feel my life wasting away

I’m waiting for a cure that won’t come

Loss waits for nobody

For death is only curable by one

I’d be foolish to continue hoping for this miracle

The thunder roars almost in cue

As my eye forms a single tear

Life feels like a game we were destined to lose

Is there any way to avoid this kind of pain?

I feel my strength evaporate

Like water fleeing the grip of the dessert

Maybe one day my faith will reactivate

Right now I sit in silent pain

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