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The Garden of Grief

I sit here on my knees in the garden of grief

Where does my hope come from?

The mourning is exposing my every need

What else might God have done?

The enemy’s voice is loud as blood drips from my brow

My hands begin to shake

The other path exposes the darker route

God, is there another way?

I walk over to my support and find them asleep

I need their prayers

A text message of encouragement would work just fine

Slowly they’re turning into my betrayers

This garden is holistically overwhelming me

I feel hope clashing with pain

This journey is about surrendering my will for Yours

So hold me while I pray

*This poem is taken from my new book Hope in the Mourning*


Copyright © 2022 by Jordan Daniel Chitwood

International Standard Book Number:


Edited by Annie Oyer

Published by Jordan Daniel Chitwood


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