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Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Greek (verb): To Fence With Stakes, To Crucify


I haven't been sleeping well these past few weeks. I am often woken up in the middle of the night from nightmares, night terrors, or dreams where I picture myself attending school naked (see previous blog). Not too long ago however, I had a dream that challenged my thinking quite a bit and gave me something to ponder. I was suffocating on wooden planks while trying to breath.

Stauróō. The greek verb literally meaning to fence with stakes or crucify. Figuratively it can mean putting the old self to death by submitting all decisions and desires to the Lord.

Stauróō is used 46 times in 20 unique forms (source). It barely comes close to describing the devastating and excruciating way that individuals would die.

"Usually, the condemned man, after being whipped, or “scourged,” dragged the crossbeam of his cross to the place of punishment, where the upright shaft was already fixed in the ground. Stripped of his clothing either then or earlier at his scourging, he was bound fast with outstretched arms to the crossbeam or nailed firmly to it through the wrists. The crossbeam was then raised high against the upright shaft and made fast to it about 9 to 12 feet (approximately 3 metres) from the ground. Next, the feet were tightly bound or nailed to the upright shaft. A ledge inserted about halfway up the upright shaft gave some support to the body; evidence for a similar ledge for the feet is rare and late. Over the criminal’s head was placed a notice stating his name and his crime. Death ultimately occurred through a combination of constrained blood circulation, organ failure, and asphyxiation as the body strained under its own weight. It could be hastened by shattering the legs (crurifragium) with an iron club, which prevented them from supporting the body’s weight and made inhalation more difficult, accelerating both asphyxiation and shock (source)."


In my dream, I was pinned to the cross gasping for breath. Within seconds however, I was quickly taken off the wooden stakes and replaced by Jesus.

I woke up in sweat. My heart was racing as I began to process the dream. I started to come face to face with the different idols in my life that were killing, no, murdering my relationship with Jesus.

Social Media. Technology. Insecurities. Anger. Depression. Anxiety.

It's funny how I spend time alone with God whenever I need Him, but not out of routine or habit because I genuinely care about my relationship with Him. My dream showed me that I literally deserve to be on the cross for the way I am living during quarantine. It also showed me figuratively that I need to murder my flesh and exchange my idols for a real relationship with Him.

I don't know how quarantine has been going for you, but the common consensus amongst my peers is that Covid-19 has drawn us farther from God rather than closer. I want to encourage us to start fresh today, murder our flesh, and exchange our materialistic idols for Holistic ones.

Will you join me?

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