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Shattered Windows & Pointless Dreams

"For too long, many of us have lived comfortably. For too long, Christians who claim to follow Jesus have lived oppositely. For too long, many of us have put our needs above others and have shoved everyone else behind us.

I am living proof of doing this myself. I waited on the sideline for someone else to take the lead. I remember being overwhelmed by fear. I allowed the pain of others to go unnoticed. I refused to recognize my privilege and placed others in the back of my mind. I used excuses such as:

My pain is more important.

My safety is more important.

My family is more important.

My career is more important.

My reputation is more important.

My country is more important.

My lifestyle is more important.

My comfort is more important.

My story is more important.

After realizing I was using these excuses, I felt convicted to change. This is when I became a firm believer that we are called to do two things while we are here on earth.

1) Love God

2) Love Others

I believe everything else worth doing falls under those two areas. Nothing else matters if those two commands are jeopardized. Does this mean we have to pursue others if we claim the name of Christ? Absolutely.

People are watching and waiting for the Church to be the Church that revolutionized the world two thousand years ago. We often believe we have to argue and prove that God exists—I don’t think that is the case. In my experience, my actions of love, grace, and truth, have done more for the Kingdom of God than the debates about Scripture I have had with individuals that disagree. Don’t get me wrong, the Bible is an incredibly powerful source that points us to the life of Jesus; but much like the trap that the Pharisees fell into, we can have all the Biblical knowledge that is possible and still miss the point of Jesus. My mother said it best, “It is important to not just rely on our head knowledge of God, but also our heart knowledge of God.” The way we love and pursue those with Shattered Windows and Pointless Dreams determines how much we are willing to love and pursue Christ."

From The Introduction:

Disclaimer: I Believed

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