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While working at a bounce house for two years, I found out that there are two types of people in this world:

1) People that spend twenty-five cents on the crane game and instantly win a prize.

2) People that spend ten dollars and walk away empty-handed.

I remember watching one family in particular spend every dollar they could find trying to win a new fidget spinner for their son. Dollar after dollar they came up to me asking for quarters so they could quench their addiction. It was like watching a baby experiencing finger-food for the first time. Entertaining... yet frightening.

As I study chapter 2 from the minor prophet Nahum, I see similar qualities between the Ninevites and those that spend countless hours on the crane game. Nahum writes:

"Nineveh is like a pool whose water is draining away. “Stop! Stop!” they cry, but no one turns back. Plunder the silver! Plunder the gold! The supply is endless, the wealth from all its treasures! She is pillaged, plundered, stripped! Hearts melt, knees give way, bodies tremble, every face grows pale (Nahum 2:8-10, NIV)."

In the moments of suffering and distress, the Ninevites chose to turn to their wealth and possessions rather than God. Plunder the silver! Plunder the gold!

What would you plunder in your final moments?

If we are being honest with ourselves, we often turn to God as an after-thought. We are consumed by wealth and privilege and close our eyes whenever God calls us forward. We can find the money to try and win a fidget spinner from the arcade, but can't find the money to give back to God. We can find the time to watch every NFL game during Sunday's hours, but can't find time to make it to church on Sunday.

Our priorities are more messed up than a pineapple that believes it belongs on pizza.

Many of us need a soul-cleanse. Many of us need to reorganize our priorities. If you made a list of your everyday obligations, would God be the master of your day? Or would other things?

Because the things we would plunder are the things we call master.

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