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Living In The "What Is"

I panic at the idea of losing another family member. The thought of breathing without my loved ones tightens up my skin and causes goosebumps to form at my forearm.

What if my wife dies at childbirth?

What if my mom dies in a car crash?

What if my siblings die from cancer?

What if... what if... what if...?

I find myself spending countless hours worrying about the what if's? in life, that I lose sight of what is actually happening.

God challenged me with this question today as I was writing:

What is stopping you from trusting me even if your what if's happen? Am I not big enough for you to live in the moment and embrace what is happening, rather than worrying about what might happen?

God is daily reminding me to trust in His promise that even if my greatest fears come true, He is always walking with me through it all (see Proverbs 3:5).

Today, I challenge you to trust God with what is happening, rather than worrying about the what if's in life. Join me in believing that God is big enough to handle any pain that we go through.

It's not easy, but letting go of the burdens of our fears is so much more rewarding.

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