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If Jesus Had A Facebook

If Jesus had a Facebook, what stands would He take?

Would He even log on and participate in debates?

Would He share His point of view on a platform that spews hate?

Would He call out the Church for the gospel it creates?

If Jesus had a Facebook, what type of things would He post?

Would He shed light on issues that scream fake news and boast?

Would He share his views on politics and condemn those who don't?

Would He challenge the status quo?

If Jesus had a Facebook would He be impressed or troubled?

Would He share what I post or have an internal struggle?

Would He give grace to those who should instead be humbled?

Would He prepare a five-page essay and post His rebuttals?

If Jesus had a Facebook would He unfollow me?

Would He see what I post and think: Now that's a Child of the King!

Would He claim me as His own or denounce me as family?

Would He be ashamed to be related to me?

If Jesus had a Facebook would He be filled with truth and grace?

Would He recognize the Church or be embarrassed by our faith?

Would He shy away from topics that are controversial and fake?

Would I expect an apology if our stances differentiate?

And if Jesus did have a Facebook, how would that change what I share?

Would I be ashamed of my posts or excited about what I declare?

Would I tag Him in status's knowing he'd approve and would care?

Would He comment with hearts or spend His time elsewhere?

So if Jesus had a Facebook... what kind of stances would he take?

Would He be embarrassed by His Church's obsession with hate?

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