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From Mess To Masterpiece

Darkness was surrounding me. I left my classroom, grabbed my phone from my locker, and proceeded to text my girlfriend every single sin I had committed.

Sexual sin I had fallen to Lies I had told Idols I had chased People I had hurt Things I had said

Day after day I submitted to the darkness that was gripping my heart. My girlfriend, Marissa (now my wife), always covered me with grace and did not let my broken past determine how she felt about me (thank goodness). She knew what she was getting into when our relationship started, and she was willing to stick around for the journey.

You may be in a similar situation. You might have a past filled with mistakes, regrets, guilt, and pain. You may be broken and desperately asking God to forgive you. You may be chasing after perfection because your life has shown the opposite. 

If you feel this way, I want you to hold on to this truth:

God never uses shame or guilt to convict us to do something. 

God does not want us to dwell on our past mistakes (see Isaiah 43:18). God wants us to rest in His grace and move towards His will for our life. 

The enemy will remind you of your past whenever God shows you a glimpse of your future. 

Don't let the enemy have power over you. Trust that you are God's child, and nobody else's.

You are loved You are cherished You are desired You are beautiful

You are not your past mistakes. 

When you are feeling worthless, always remember that God can turn your mess into a masterpiece

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