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Book Foreword By Pastor Todd Faulkner

Intelligent. Passionate. Honest. Real. Jordan’s book or Jordan? Yes.

Jordan writes like he lives: With both deep conviction and daring love. That’s not a popular combination these days. It’s easy to find people whose unassailable convictions about all matters keep most of us at a respectful distance, observing their ways. Like watching lions at the zoo. Moreover, it’s not a problem to find people who believe that real love never asks hard questions or makes people feel uncomfortable. It just makes people feel better. Like videos of baby animals. But Jordan’s life is a refreshing reminder that the fruit of rooted convictions can be love. And that love, authentic love, can be grounded in firmly held convictions. Plus, the beauty of this book is that it’s one that will actually be read. You know what I mean. We all have books we intend to read. Someday. I have shelves full of them. Long books with compelling covers and intriguing titles. And an inch of dust.

This book is divided into short, but far from shallow, chapters. The kind of chapters that invite us to think, to wrestle, to possibly even make more informed and better decisions. All before we finish our lattes. Bottom line: This book is filled with real life examples. So, if you’re into real life, then you’ll appreciate the authenticity of the writing. Much of it is also told in stories: Engaging, memorable stories drawn from Jordan’s own joys and struggles, and from his perceptive observations about life and faith, loss and suffering. And hope. Real hope—the kind that’s discovered in the midst of disappointment and doubt. Even death. That’s probably what makes Shattered Windows & Pointless Dreams so compelling: It’s meant to be read with the broken glass still on the floor and the dreams of yesterday drifting out into the night. But waiting for the morning.

-Todd Faulkner

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