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Bleed The Same

"How we treat the creation, shows how we feel about the creator."- Rob Bell

My fingers whisked away as I pressed down the keys of my laptop one at a time. Statement after statement came out of my mind and on to the screen as I argued on social media about various things. Individuals I had not talked to in years were taking part in the conversation. The conversation at the time was a debate between the phrases “black lives matter,” or “all lives matter.” Unfortunately, none of us were listening to the other side. None of us were taking a step back and viewing the people hidden behind their laptops as humans. None of us were disagreeing with grace.

None of us.

Years later, nothing has changed.

My heart grows weary as I watch Christ followers, including myself, treat those that disagree with us sinfully. We value being correct over being Christ-like. We value being comfortable rather than being bold. We expect grace when we make mistakes, but struggle giving grace to others that make mistakes.

Does anyone else feel this way?

When will we come to the realization that we all bleed the same?

Whether we want open borders or a wall; whether we are a democrat or republican; whether we are Christian or atheist; whether we are straight or part of the LGBTQ+ community... we all bleed the same.

It is time we start loving like that.

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