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A Letter For The Hurting

Dear friend,

I reckon this letter finds you as darkness consumes you. My heart is aching too, but I find strength knowing i'm not alone in this battle we both view. In the presence of your darkness, hold on to this truth: there will be breakthrough.

David declares that the same God who sits with us in our joys will sit with us in our despair. While this aching affair seems one-of-a-kind—even rare—know that nothing surprises the God who cares.

Dear Friend,

I wish I could say something to take away your pain. Don't be ashamed! Your splintered heart will be mended again. My prayer is that in the presence of your excruciating circumstance, you would maintain faith in these promises from the God who reigns:

You are strong,

You are loved,

God is more than enough .

You are held,

No need to hide,

God is the One who provides.

Dear Friend,

I want to validate what you're feeling. Whether it's grief, mental health struggles, loneliness, or a desire to self-harm, the enemy has been stealing your joy for far too long. Hear this truth loud and clear: THE ENEMY IS A LIAR. He wants nothing more than to smear your image of God and consume you with fear.

I know you are hurting. I know you are searching. Your soul is craving hope in the midst of your mourning. I pray you would feel the warming presence of Jesus' comfort today.


Someone who has has found hope in the hurt.

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