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50 Things I've Learned Since Becoming A Dad

On July 8, 2021, my wife and I welcomed our beautiful son into the world. This past Friday we celebrated his 1st birthday.

Here are 50 things I have learned since becoming a dad:

1) Newborn grunts usually mean a poopy diaper is in the works

2) A "good night of sleep" doesn't exist anymore... yet somehow I continue to function

3) EVERYTHING sounds like a baby crying now

4) Trying not to laugh after your baby does something naughty takes SKILL

5) It doesn't matter if you're eating the same thing, if you have food, your baby will ask for it

6) There is no such thing as "keeping the house clean" with a newborn

7) I understand why people hire out housework

8) Everything must be scheduled now... even bathroom breaks

9) I'll never take going to the gym for granted again

10) Recovering from the dad-bod is REAL

11) I'll never take date night for granted again

12) My protective-dad-instinct came naturally

13) Seeing your child cry without being able to explain why is the worst

14) The house will always smell bad

15) I have given up on folding laundry. It now just gets thrown into the closet

16) Eating healthy means I chose to eat at a sit-down restaurant vs. fast food

17) Caffeine is the only reason I have survived

18) My wife is a freaking rock star

19) I'm glad my son doesn't mind that I am a terrible singer

20) There are few things that are worse than a crying baby during a car ride

21) The first time seeing Uriah smile was one of the greatest days of my life

22) Only to be topped by the first time hearing him laugh

23) Which was then topped by the first time I saw him crawl

24) Which was then topped by the first time I saw him walk

25) Which was then topped by the first time he walked over to me to give me a hug

26) Hearing my son belly laugh is one of the greatest sounds in the world

27) "Baby talk" is one of the cutest things ever

28) Poopie diapers only get worse as they get older

29) You learn real quick how unsafe your house is for a baby when they start walking

30) Trying to find the balance between being a pastor, author, husband, and father is exhausting

31) The days feel long but the years fly by

32) There is nothing greater than watching your son genuinely happy

33) Feeding your son ice cream is better than feeding yourself ice-cream

34) Getting a hug after a long day of work is one of the greatest feelings in the world

35) All I want is for my son to grow up to know Jesus and love Jesus

36) Seeing him sick is a terrible sight

37) I understand why my dad squeezed me when he hugged me

38) Baby clothes > adult clothes

39) Having a conversation with a one-year-old is hilarious

40) Have I mentioned that my wife is a rockstar?

41) Baby snuggles help with my anxiety

42) No matter how exhausted I am after work, I need to be "on" for my son at home

43) Life is too short to bring work home with me

44) Babies who dance to music are second-to-none

45) I understand now what Jesus meant when he said "those who have faith like that of a child"

46) I have to be very intentional about my time alone with God

47) Prioritizing my emotional, physical, and mental health is non-negotiable

48) Sharing moments with Uriah is an incredible feeling

49) I wouldn't trade anything

50) Being a dad is the greatest job in the world

I can't wait to see what I learn in year 2.

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