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3 Things That Help Me Fight Depression

I have been battling depression and thoughts of worthlessness for the past five months. I would be lying if I said I had the same strength to fight it as I did five months ago... yet the fight continues.

No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. - Romans 8:37, ESV

Many of my peers battle the same thoughts. I want you to know that you are not alone. Those words start to feel cliché after a while... but the truth remains.

You. Are. Not. Alone.

Here are three things that help me fight the good fight against depression and take back what the enemy has stolen:

1) Establish A Routine

I know it is easier said than done to do things we know will help us fight our depression because our motivation is at an all-time low. With that being said, if we do not set ourselves up to succeed before we are suffocating in an ocean of self-doubt and emptiness, we will never be able to swim out.

We must set ourselves up to succeed.

In order to do this, I establish a routine and give each day a goal. Here is my routine each day:

  • Wake up at 7:30

  • Spend a minute praying

  • Watch youtube videos until 8:30

  • Take Theo on a walk until 9:30

  • Spend Time Alone With God from 9:30-10:00

  • Go to work from 10:00-4:00

  • Free Time until Dinner

  • Cook dinner with wifey at 5:30

  • Eat dinner until 6:30

  • Watch TV show (currently Family Matters) with wifey until 10:00

  • Go to bed at 10:15

This routine has been one of THE BEST things I have ever done to fight depression. I know what to expect next and what I need to accomplish every day. If I force myself to stay busy and eliminate downtime (minus time alone with God), I eliminate the opportunity my mind and heart have to fall into depression.

Granted, we always can convince ourselves to sleep in a bit longer, call-off work, ignore time alone with God, but we're only hurting ourselves in the long run.

Temporary pleasure isn't worth it when fighting depression. Establish a routine and force yourself to follow it by setting reminders on your phone and having a friend check in on you to see if you have completed your tasks for the day.

2) TAWG Time

I can't stress enough how important spending time alone with God each day is. If we aren't leaning into what God has in store for us every single day, then we are missing out on the peace that God provides when we dwell in His presence.

TAWG Time looks different for each person. In fact, it should look different for each person.

Some people love to read. Some people love to journal. Some people love to pray. Some people love to run (bless your heart). Some people love to paint. Some people love to write. Some people love to sing. Some people love to listen to music.

No matter how you connect with God best, use that to spend time alone with God each day. I encourage people to start with 10 minutes a day and then increase as needed. I personally like to do my TAWG time in the morning so it sets me up to succeed.

Don't overthink it. This time is between you and God. It doesn't need to look perfect.

I have stored up your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you. - Psalm 119:11, ESV

3) Pursue Your Passions/Gifts

I recently narrowed down my areas of focus for ministry: Mental Health and Racial Reconciliation Awareness/Advocacy. As I have focused my energy on these two areas, I have noticed my depression coming in fewer waves than usual. I believe there is a connection between how we feel and what we pursue.

So I ask you... what are you passionate about? Furthermore, what are you doing to pursue those passions/gifts?

It is no surprise that our joy increases as we do the things we love... but figuring out what we love and what to do in those areas can be difficult. However, I believe it is so important when fighting depression for us to lean into our passions and gifts.

What excites you? What brings you joy?

I personally have been reading, writing, and listening to podcasts about mental health and racial reconciliation every chance I get these past few weeks. And guess what? My depression has been minimal if present at all. I have also been following advocates in these areas on social media am partnering with different movements and ministries that raise awareness.